Cloudy Joy
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Cloudy Joy is a indie development company,
we focus on creating games and interactive apps.
Our mission is making our games / apps enjoyable.
Legend of Medals Mountain
Legend of Medals Mountain
Legend of Medals Mountain, an arcade amusement machine style medal shoot and pusher game, unlike other coin pusher games, Medals Mountain is here for you to discover all new fun gameplay elements:
- Highly interactive gameplay
- Arcade amusement machine style of 3D graphics
- Roller control to shoot medals to the medal-pusher platform
- Play fun Mini games, including Medals Mining, Medals Driller to win medals
- Slot machine to win medals and items
- Jackpot Challenge turntable to win more medals
- Relax and fun gameplay elements
Download and play Legend of Medals Mountain now, to experience a brand new style of medal game / coin pusher for FREE! Have fun!!

Little Enchantment
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